129th Veiled Prophet Parade of 2006
July 1st, 2006
The St. Louis Chapter of the NTBA, was asked to partisipate in this years parade..We contacted all the members we
could and being a holiday weekend, we were able to have 8 families that would partake in this celebration.. It was a
early morning journey downtown.. Being the Parisho's business is located a few blocks from the start of the parade, they
invited all of us to meet at their location at 7:30 am.. We were greeted with a warm welcome, tour of the building (one of
the 1st fire houses in St. Louis). and off to the parade with water or soda for all.. This years parade theme was, "Lettuce
Entertain You".. I believe that the St. Louis Chapter did their part in the parade..The parade started at 4th and
Washington, then west on Market to end at 20th.   The streets were filled with people on both sides and a lot flag
waving, thumbs up, and radio stations giving our club's history of the T-Buckets..It was great to be a part of this
celebration of our nations 230th Birthday..
I would like to thank the patriots from our club, Chis Seeper and Linda Johnson, Mike Stoff and his daughter, Kim and
Sue Chishko, Joel Pikey, Joe Piskulic, Rolla Hessel, and a special thanks to Bill and Yvonne Parisho for the ice cream
and sodas at the end of the parade.. As nice as they were, we still could not talk them into picking up the lunch tab..:)
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7:30- am at the Parisho's
If you go down 4 blocks to the west...
Kim and Sue Chishko
Chis Seeper and Linda Johnson
Joe Piskulic
Mike Stoff
Line up for the parade
1959 Missouri State Highway Patrol
Rebuilt by the inmates in Jefferson City
Look !!!  It's a bird...NO, it's a plane..No, it's a painting on the building
I'll let you guess what is going on behind the umbrella
8 ways to decorate your car
The Schnucks
Ameren UE Guy
Ladies...start your engines
Parade going down Market Street
Now for some fun facts of the Veiled Prophet Parade..
  • The first parade was on October 8th, 1878
  • Floats were brought to St. Louis by steam ships for FREE
  • During the first year, attendance was estimated between 50,000 and 100,000.  In 1967, there was over 500,000.
  • Floats were horse-drawn in early years
  • In 1969, parade changed from night to day
  • To my knowledge, this parade has NEVER been rained out.

For more interesting facts on the VP Parade history, go to: www.vpparade.org/funfact.htm