Butch & Tina's
SNEAK PREVIEW of Butch and Tina Reeves' new T-Bucket.. Is this going to be a head turner or not.. Most of you know that
this is a twin engine, twin transmission, twin rear end and twin radiators.. Butch and Tina have not decided of a name yet, but
have a couple of great ideas in the planning.. Hopefully we will see this bucket on the road in the very near future.. Good Luck
Butch and Tina..but it looks like most of the problems are already solved...Could these engines be blown at a later date????
Only Butch and Tina knows for sure...
August 24th, 2006  
Well, Thursday evening Butch and Tina invited me over to look at the new additions to the "Evil Twin".  The car is now
painted and really is coming together..Butch said all the "Hard" work is done and now comes the final touchs, such as the
gas lines, dash board, etc.  The paint was done by a bunch of non-professionals and you should see it.. I would like them
to paint my car anytime.  The interior is being done in a purple crush velvet.  Then the side curtains will be added over the
windows. A small chandelier will be the interior light.. Butch is making a stainless steel rear fuel cell with a Cadillac
Esculade rear brake lights.  This is truly an amazing piece of work.. I felt that Butch and Tina are having a ball putting this
monster together..Below is some new pictures that was taken on 08/24/06.  They are hopefully going to fire the engines in
a couple of weeks.. So keep tuned in and this car should be fit for a King..
Click to enlarge pictures
OK...let's look at the whole picture.. This family has a Christmas Sleigh bucket for Christmas...A twin-blown
green monster, and now the "Evil Twin".
What could be next??????
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