Now this guy is a little backwards
Is this STREET FREAK Coming or Going ????
Les Schwenk
1965 (Backwards) Pontiac G.T.O. 2 Dr. Hardtop
Owner & Driver
I have seen Les around the car show circuit for many years and did not have the opportunity to talk to him till the UAW Auto
& Truck Show in Fenton, MO.. We talked for quite some time and the stories of this car is unbelievable.. Ready for this?  Les
is the original owner.. and if I decided to list all the details of this car, I would not have the time or the room.  This "Bergundy
Baron is a true piece of art... This car has been seen in the Car Craft Nationals, Chuck A Burger, Street Freaks Magazine,
Nashville Networks, The Exciting World of Speed and Beauty, plus many articles in many magazines and probably most of
the local shows.. It will draw a crowd and all his trophies will show you the hard work and details he has put into this car..  
Such as:
  • Original Paint Except for the Lovered Trunk Lid
  • 389 cu. in. Bored to 400 cu. in.  (Mid Engine)
  • Engine Completely Blueprinted
  • Crower Camshaft and Kit
  • 1962 Pontiac Super Duty heads CC, Ported, Polished
  • Dial indicated Valve Job, Poly Lock Nuts, Studs Pinned                                                                              
  • Pistons are TRW 12.5 to 1 Compression                                                                                                Click To Enlarge
  • Mickey Thompson Aluminum Rods                                                                                                        
  • Crankshaft Rod and Main Journals Radiused, Holes Chamfered, Spiral Elliptical Machined Grooved Across Bearing
    Surfaces, Heat Treatment by Tuff-Triding
  • Factory 2-Four Barrel Intake
  • 2 - Hypo Prepared Rochester Quadra-Jet Carbs
  • Vertex Magneto
  • Doug Thorley headers
  • 400 Turbo Transmission
  • Vega 10" Torque Converter with a 3500 Stall Speed
  • Rear End 5:12 Getz Gears                                                                                                                           Click To Enlarge
  • Maximum R.P.M. 8000                                                                                                                                 
  • Oil by Valvoline 50W Racing with 2 Pints of S.T.P.
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As one of the articles stated, this machine runs backwards. Okay, so everyone has a reverse, right? Yes, but that is not  
exactly the case here. This car has the body mounted backwards, so while the drive train is properly situated, the car itself is
constantly going the wrong way!  Les bought the car new and had so many warranty problems, he decided to build it the
way he wanted to..It was built strictly for the strip and never put on the street again.  He raced it (forwards) for approx. 4
years and then started to loose interest..That's when the project went "Backwards"... The "BERGUNDY BARON" is still in
operation and a crowd pleaser..

So when you see Les at a car show, ask him to tell you some of the great stories and history of this "Backwards" 1965
Pontiac G.T.O.
June 2006 Car of the Month