Yes, you probably have seen Rick at the local shows in the St. Louis area..  I saw this car a few years ago and was taken by it..
As we all know, building roadsters can get up into money, especially when you include paint, engines, graphics, and chrome..I'm
not sure if Rick wants me to tell all his secrets but a few will not hurt..First, lets take a look at the 1923 Ford T-Bucket.

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This engine is a Chevrolet 350 with TRW pistons and rings..Also has a Lunaita Cam with a high rise intake with a 650 carburetor,
toped off with a chrome scoop style air cleaner.. The Sanderson coated headers really gives this roadster a cool sound.  The
transmission comes from a Chevrolet 350 3 speed.. On the rear shelf, is a color matching spoiler that has been cut down to fit
perfectly.. Most wheelie bars from Competition Engineering are approx 46".. This did not fit the looks that Rick wanted..So, he
cut them down to where they did not stick out so far and gives it the look he was wanting.. So far, we have looked at the real
money end of the car but now comes the money saving ideas that Rick has come up with..The color (this year) is Chevrolet
Orange.. Now who painted this car? Rick Lackner painted it with rattle (spray) cans.. Yes he did ! His goal is to change the color
of this car every 3 years.. This year he changed from a checkerboard flames to the yellow flames outlined in red pin tape..No,
these flames are hand cut from shelf paper.. Take a close look at this car and you will be amazed how good this roadster is..
Then the finishing touches of the car is the custom made tail lights.  The skull lights are class III hitch insert with the eyes
lighting up.. To make sure everyone see's him stopping, he added a pair of lights in the homemade custom rear bumper... The
head light are covered with the "moon eyes" and then the interior.  Again, Rick installed the interior..he made all of it.. the round
foam is actually the "floating tubes" that you find in swimming pools.. He covered it with the material and then used round head
map tacks to secure the material in various places..  

I could go on and on about this car..but take a look at it for yourself.. You will be impressed at what he has done.. Rick has added
much chrome to his car from the plumbing departments at various hardware stores.. He says that the chrome or stainless fitting
can be bought there for a whole lot less that if you go to your speed shop to buy it..  So, the next time your at one of our local
shows in the St. Louis area, stop and say "Hi" to Rick and let him know what you think about his car..
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Rick Lackner
1923 Ford T-Bucket Roadster
Oakville, Missouri