Mackenzie Morgan... The Christmas pictures of Mackenzie were taken
in 2008. It's hard to believe, but she is 7 years old.  Mackenzie
graduated from Jr. College with a degree in "animal loving". You can
click on the pictures to enlarge each photo.  As you can tell, this site
was originally going to be a "Hot Rod" site, but when you have a
granddaughter as cute as this, I can't help bragging about her.. The
other links is "fun" things that have happened during the year..
Proud Grandpa  AKA: PaPa John
Family Photo's
My Granddaughter Mackenzie Morgan
My sister Susan with husband Kevin and daughter Stephanie
Stephanie & Friend Brittney
Kevin and Harley
Kevin & Susan
Yes, I'm Harley - Not exactly what Kevin wanted but he loves me.
Mackenzie's Photo Album
Hi...I'm John and I'd like to take a minute to give you an idea of what my mission is with this website..I know a
lot of hot rodder's that would like a picture of their car displayed so friends and other rodders can see what
they have built.. I also would like to introduce my family, which consists of  a sister, daughter , in-laws  and
my granddaughter, that can be seen on this page. Of course, we cannot forget my good friend "
Ben", who
just passed away in March 2008..If anyone would like their car or truck displayed, please e-mail me and I'll
post your car with all the details you give me.  Another goal was to have a "Car of the Month" display.  This
featured car would have a full page layout with many photo's and details describing the vehicle and you..If
you would like your car displayed as the "Car of the Month", submit photo's with a complete description.  
Make sure e-mail is labeled "Car of the Month".   After review, your car could be one of the 6 featured cars.  
With enough interest shown, we might be able to expand it to have a featured car all 12 months.  One other
quick note is for you to please sign the "Guest Book".  It is important to sign it so it can reflect who and
where this site is seen.. It also will indicate if this site is worth keeping up and running..Let's all promote
safe hot rodding and keep the brotherhood going..
Christmas 2008
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